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Where Does Democrat Congressman  Stand?
Congressman Minnick has claimed to have “served” in Vietnam. But this does a disservice to those who fought and died in Vietnam. Minnick himself said that he joined the ROTC to avoid being drafted. From there he was assigned to the Pentagon and the Nixon Whitehouse and only made brief supervisory visits to Vietnam.
Minnick`s False Attack Ad
Illegal Immigration
 said “I would rather lose the election than mudsling.” Yet he’s running two attack ads, in which he claims that, Raul Labrador, is benefiting financially from illegal immigration. But as KTVB Channel 7 pointed out, Labrador is strongly against illegal immigration, and the ad is entirely false. But Minnick continues to run the ad, in spite of TJ Thompson—Minnick’s self-proclaimed “biggest supporter”—saying that the ad should be pulled. Minnick himself supports Obama’s proposed policy of giving illegals amnesty, compared illegal immigration to speeding in a school zone, and got a ticket for doing just that, in 2008. Minnick has also said, “It doesn’t make sense to try to roundup, arrest and deport 12-20 million people. There aren’t enough police officers, there aren’t enough jails. It is impossible to do that. It would make sense to give them an incentive to emerge from the shadows start paying taxes, start getting insurance, pay a penalty because they have violated the law…”  Watch Minnick say this.
Gun Control
On his website, Minnick claims he will “defend the 2nd Amendment.” Yet his answers to the NRA’s 2008 2nd-Amendment questionnaire earned him a failing, D+ grade. He also supported the Brady bill (see the video). When questioned, Minnick said he was endorsed by the American Hunters & Shooters Association (AHSA). AHSA is a liberal group, posing as pro-gun while lobbying congress to make legal only a very limited variety of guns. Note: since the creation of the video, the NRA has updated their website with a new, higher, rating for Minnick. However, the reasons he was given the D+ still exist, and when viewed in light of these other facts, suggest that he simply replied to all the questions in a way that would look good to his constituency.